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Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies in South East Asia has the capability to provide a wide range of specific solutions dedicated to the Pharmaceutical industry : Purified Water, Ultra Purified Water, Pyrogen-free Water and WFI to international Pharmaceutical standards.

No matter the application - pre-treatment, purification, storage and distribution or wastewater treatment - Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies uses the latest technologies available to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs, without compromising process security and product quality. All aspects of our product development, project management and service offerings are managed to a high quality standard to ensure that our dedicated team of experts is in tune with the market needs.

Pharmaceutical Pure Water Guide: in-depth guide about pure water

Within the pharmaceutical industry, water is most commonly used in liquid form, not only as an ingredient in many formulations but also as a cleaning agent. Production of Purified Water, Highly Purified Water, Pyrogen Free Water and WFI to international pharmaceutical standards is widely recognised as a critical process. In regards to those, our Pharmaceutical Team has gathered his expertise into the first in-depth guide about the pharmaceutical water world. The Pharmaceutical Pure Water Guide will give you all information you need to know from process technologies to market regulations.

To receive a free copy of the Pure Water Guide, contact us.

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